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The consensus of this thread is that APFS has a bug that HFS+ does not. I also
remember that last autumn I was able to build gcc-7.2.0 from source on Sierra.
Two weeks later, after upgrading to High Sierra, the same build failed.

I just compiled gcc-7.3.0 on 10.13.3 using fink's build mechanism and a large
empty non-encrypted HFS+ formatted image file that I created with Disk Utility,
and then attached (mounted) at the root of the directory tree where gcc will be
unpacked and the "objdir" resides. In fink's case that means mounting the HFS+
image as /sw/fink/src/ after stashing the original "" to
the side. 

The build utilized all 8 HT cores of the i7, and successfully compiled and
installed gcc-7.3.0 (gcc, g++, gfortran) on my machine. I have not tried to
compile gcc from source, without fink, using the HFS+ image file work-around,
though I don't see why it should not work.

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