Paul Thomas <pault at gcc dot> changed:

           What    |Removed                     |Added
            Summary|[8 Regression] ICE: tree    |[8 Regression] Failure in
                   |check: expected tree that   |associate construct with
                   |contains 'decl minimal'     |concatenated character
                   |structure, have             |target
                   |'indirect_ref' in           |
                   |add_decl_as_local, at       |
                   |fortran/trans-decl.c:256    |

--- Comment #5 from Paul Thomas <pault at gcc dot> ---
The PR is substantially fixed. However, the failure in associate_35.f90 is the
only test in the patch that works with 7-branch! The rest compile but fail at

Therefore, I have edited the title and left the PR open.


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