--- Comment #6 from Jan Hubicka <hubicka at gcc dot> ---
The problem here is that after gimplification we make no distinction between
original pointer and pointer returned by placement new.  If one can placement
new different type to object into arbitrary field of structure, probably one
can do it also for automatic and static variables. So we would need to
anticipate dynamic type changes absolutely everywhere. This would more or less
disable nonspeculative devirtualization completely because in most cases there
is some function call between constructor and use of values which prevents us
from proving that the value did not change.

What we could do is to keep new operations represented in gimple form until
later stages of compilation (remove them soonish after IPA is done). So having
osmething like

 new_ptr = __builtin_placement_new (oldptr)

which would also hold type of the allocated value (not sure how to do that
without having declaration of biultin_placement_new for every type but even
that would work well for me). This would be useful information because devirt
machinery then could expect that the dynamic type did not change for all
polymorphic types and subtypes.

Would that make sense to you? Probably something for next stage1 though.

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