--- Comment #24 from Douglas Mencken <dougmencken at gmail dot com> ---
(In reply to Segher Boessenkool from comment #23)
> GCC 7 was released more than nine months ago, and yet no one has noticed
> that it does not build at all on powerpc-darwin.  We cannot do magic.

Well, yo can~

“ David and Iain, can you please test on AIX and Darwin? Or is this okay for
trunk without testing?  ;-) ” © Segher Boessenkool
“ This is okay. ” © David Edelsohn [ push without
testing ]

And it’s more than year and five months since that... Nobody noticed, nor Iain,
nor me myself. Until now

So. What to do next? Would it be left ”as is” with yet-gained knowledge what to
revert for these rare species still building GCC on such too extinct platform?
Or there would be some compromise between “Don't emit a use of LR in returns
and sibcalls” and buildability on rs6000:darwin from your side?

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