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Yes, it does (just verified with latest trunk).
;; TImode/PTImode is similar, except that we usually want to compute the
;; address into a register and use lsi/stsi (the exception is during reload).

(define_insn "*mov<mode>_string"
  [(set (match_operand:TI2 0 "reg_or_mem_operand" "=Q,Y,????r,????r,????r,r")
        (match_operand:TI2 1 "input_operand" "r,r,Q,Y,r,n"))]
   && (<MODE>mode != TImode || VECTOR_MEM_NONE_P (TImode))
   && (gpc_reg_operand (operands[0], <MODE>mode)
       || gpc_reg_operand (operands[1], <MODE>mode))"
  [(set_attr "type" "store,store,load,load,*,*")
   (set_attr "update" "yes")
   (set_attr "indexed" "yes")
   (set_attr "cell_micro" "conditional")])

pattern is still there.

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