--- Comment #13 from Pierre-Marie de Rodat <derodat at adacore dot com> ---
(In reply to from comment #11)
> This means you should be able to arrange for this
> to be emitted by tree_add_const_value_attribute_for_decl as well, no?

I don’t know… I have to dive into this again. :-)

> See above - I think we should emit this special value from
> tree_add_const_value_attribute_for_decl instead, reverting the original
> patch.
> As I can't seem to get a gnat1 debugged right now can you try to
> see what would be necessary to do that?  How's the DECL_VALUE_EXPR
> looking like?

IIRC, DECL_VALUE_EXPR is something like MEM_REF (-1). Yes, I’ll give it a try…

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