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--- Comment #1 from Jakub Jelinek <jakub at gcc dot> ---
Seems the rs6000 backend violates BSWAP requirements:
@item (bswap:@var{m} @var{x})
Represents the value @var{x} with the order of bytes reversed, carried out
in mode @var{m}, which must be a fixed-point machine mode.
The mode of @var{x} must be @var{m} or @code{VOIDmode}.

V2DFmode or V4SFmode are not integral modes.

So, I'd say that instead of using these p9_xxbrd_v2df and p9_xxbrw_v4sf
patterns the backend instead should subreg the operand to v2di or v4si, do
p9_xxbrd_v2di or p9_xxbrw_v4si and finally subreg the result to v2df/v4sf.

Or the documentation needs to be changed and simplify_const_unary_operation
extended to handle that case (possibly by handling it using simplifying const
subreg to corresponding integral mode, doing bswap on the integral mode and
then subreg back.

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