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That new test case appears to be failing:

Executing on host: /home/seurer/gcc/build/gcc-test/gcc/xgcc
-fno-diagnostics-show-caret -fdiagnostics-color=never   -O2 -mcpu=power8
-mno-fold-gimple -S -o pr83926.s    (timeout = 300)
spawn -ignore SIGHUP /home/seurer/gcc/build/gcc-test/gcc/xgcc
-fno-diagnostics-show-caret -fdiagnostics-color=never -O2 -mcpu=power8
-mno-fold-gimple -S -o pr83926.s
gimple folding of rs6000 builtins has been disabled.
FAIL: (test for excess errors)

This happens on all the testers both BE and LE.

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