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--- Comment #2 from Alexandre Oliva <aoliva at gcc dot> ---
This assembler assert error is caused by a bug in the arm back-end, that makes
GCC assume it can reset the view counter at an insn because the back-end says
it has positive min length, but the insn turns out to have length zero.  I
suggest you to  compile that with -dA -S -fdump-rtl-final, and then figure out
what insn's length is miscomputed so as to fix the backend.

That said, there was general consensus that we don't want to rely on insn
lengths to reset view numbers for now, so there's a patch pending review that
should make this problem go latent, disabling the view counter internal reset
machinery, leaving it for the assembler alone to determine view reset points.

Please let me know whether you still observe the problem with that patch,
before or after it goes in.  Thanks,

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