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--- Comment #3 from Martin Liška <marxin at gcc dot> ---
Thanks for the fix, I've got one another test-case that started to ICE since
the affected revision:

$ cat ice.i
int c;
unsigned char d;
int e (unsigned char *f)
  int g;
  for (int a; a; a++)
      for (int b = 0; b < 6; b++)
        g += __builtin_abs (f[b] - d);
      f += c;
  return g;

$ gcc -ftrapv -Ofast ice.i
during GIMPLE pass: vect
ice.i: In function ‘e’:
ice.i:3:5: internal compiler error: in vectorize_fold_left_reduction, at
 int e (unsigned char *f)
0x11c140a vectorize_fold_left_reduction
0x11c4985 vectorizable_reduction(gimple*, gimple_stmt_iterator*, gimple**,
_slp_tree*, _slp_instance*)
0x11a83bc vect_transform_stmt(gimple*, gimple_stmt_iterator*, bool*,
_slp_tree*, _slp_instance*)
0x11e5f5e vect_schedule_slp_instance
0x11e62c8 vect_schedule_slp(vec_info*)
0x11c974f vect_transform_loop(_loop_vec_info*)
0x11ec714 vectorize_loops()
0x1092f65 execute
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