--- Comment #11 from Chris Hall <gcc at gmch dot uk> ---
FWIW:  __attribute__((aligned(32))) works nicely for functions.

Generally there is little to be gained from aligning all loops/jumps/labels in
a given function or group of functions.

Further, when code alignment issues bite, there is no guarantee that the
solution is to align all loops/jumps/labels in the same way.

So, it would be nice to be able to apply __attribute__((aligned(n))) to loops
and/or labels... and perhaps to blocks.  That way, precise alignment could be
applied precisely where it matters.

I have been doing some detailed timing of relatively small operations, which of
course involves a loop to do the operation being timed many times.  If the
timing loop is not 32-byte aligned, the timings I get are not stable.

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