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--- Comment #3 from Martin Sebor <msebor at gcc dot> ---
The option is used in c-family/c-indentation.c (since r223098):

/* Round up VIS_COLUMN to nearest tab stop. */

static unsigned int
next_tab_stop (unsigned int vis_column)
  const unsigned int tab_width = cpp_opts->tabstop;
  vis_column = ((vis_column + tab_width) / tab_width) * tab_width;
  return vis_column;

There are no tests that exercise the option in the test suite but
c-c++-common/Wmisleading-indentation.c fails when run with -ftabstop=N set to
less than 7.

So I'm going to resolve this as WORKSFORSOME (as in "works for some use
cases").  Adding a test just for -ftabstop alone would still be useful.

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