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(In reply to Matthijs van Duin from comment #15)
> (In reply to Wilco from comment #14)
> > Yes on older cores it can be a bad idea to allow accidental use of Neon
> > instructions. The simplest workaround is to switch off Neon, just use
> > -mfpu=vfp.
> Sure, though that's not exactly ideal since it is very desirable for the
> Neon unit to be used for single-precision floats. (9-10 cycles for add/sub
> in VFP, 10-12 cycles for mul in VFP, 1 cycle for two add/sub/mul ops in Neon)

That's why it's a workaround until the bug is fixed - assuming the performance
critical functions use both 64-bit integer and 32-bit fp operations, you could
benchmark both options and choose the one that works best for now.

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