--- Comment #2 from Vegard Nossum <vegard.nossum at gmail dot com> ---
I'm also seeing a different crash with this (using -O3):

int a;
void b() {
  float c;
  for (int d; d;)
  a = c;
  asm("" : : "pIr"(c));


$ xgcc -x c++ -S -Wall -fpermissive -O3 -
<stdin>: In function 'void b()':
<stdin>:4:15: warning: 'd' is used uninitialized in this function
<stdin>:6:5: warning: 'c' is used uninitialized in this function
during RTL pass: reload
<stdin>:8:1: internal compiler error: in emit_move_insn, at expr.c:3717
0x1e906d7 emit_move_insn(rtx_def*, rtx_def*)
0x280edaa lra_emit_move(rtx_def*, rtx_def*)
0x28a3871 process_address_1
0x28a7ba3 process_address
0x28a7ba3 curr_insn_transform
0x28bbf56 lra_constraints(bool)
0x282c524 lra(_IO_FILE*)
0x260b334 do_reload
0x260b334 execute

I'm not opening a new bug because the stack trace is quite similar and also it
seems that making very small changes to this test case makes it crash in the
original way, so I figure it's probably related.

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