--- Comment #1 from G. Steinmetz <> ---

Configured with --enable-checking=yes :

$ gcc-8-20180304 -O2 -c z1.c
z1.c:1:13: warning: 'baz' alias between functions of incompatible types
'void(void)' and 'void(int,  int)' [-Wattribute-alias]
 static void baz (void) __attribute__((weakref("bar")));
z1.c:14:1: note: aliased declaration here
 bar (int x, int y)
during GIMPLE pass: tailr
z1.c: In function 'bar':
z1.c:19:1: internal compiler error: in gimple_call_arg, at gimple.h:3179
0xecae86 gimple_call_arg
0xecae86 gimple_call_arg
0xecae86 eliminate_tail_call
0xecae86 optimize_tail_call
0xecae86 tree_optimize_tail_calls_1

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