--- Comment #16 from sudi at gcc dot ---
So I think I would go with Jakub's suggestion of defining calls_builtin_setjmp
and use that in aarch64_layout_frame for cfun->machine->frame.emit_frame_chain.
I am still investigating Wilco's concern over pr60003.c

Also I would like to ask if we can pick up the discussions on PR59039 and on
the documentation patch. Some definition would be a lot more helpful for
someone like me who had no idea about __builtin_setjmp/longjmp to wrap my head
around what it actually is.

The macro DONT_USE_BUITIN_SETJMP made me very confused for a while until Ramana
pointed it out to me that its only used in the context of compiler's exception
unwinding machinery and does not apply to a case like this where the user calls
the builtin function. With this context in head when I went back and read the
document, it made sense. Can we possibly tweak the wording to make it clearer?

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