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--- Comment #1 from Martin Sebor <msebor at gcc dot> ---
I have reproduced it (intermittently) with revisions as recent as r258160, but
only with ASLR enabled.  The valgrind errors for sparseset_bit_p are expected
and go away --with-enable-valgrind-annotations.  I don't see any other errors
in my report and I can't reproduce it without ASLR or under GDB so there isn't
much to go on.

$ /opt/notnfs/gcc-bisect/obj/gcc/cc1plus.258160 -quiet -O3 -fpermissive
-fno-toplevel-reorder -std=c++14 -o/dev/null t.C
during RTL pass: reload
t.C: In function ‘void a()’:
t.C:10:1: internal compiler error: in process_alt_operands, at
0x1013ddb process_alt_operands
0x10187ca curr_insn_transform
0x101c13f lra_constraints(bool)
0x1004f6f lra(_IO_FILE*)
0xfac579 do_reload
0xfaca6c execute

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