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--- Comment #20 from Eric Gallager <egallager at gcc dot> ---
(In reply to Matthew Fortune from comment #19)
> I have one further case that may be worth adding to this ticket which
> relates to the order of formal paramters emitted for an inlined subroutine
> in debug info.
> GCC currently emits formal parameter DIEs for an inlined subroutine in
> reverse order to the function's parameters. The DWARF spec is slightly
> unclear in this area but does indicate that formal parameters must appear in
> the same order as listed in the function prototype in both abstract and
> concrete instances.
> One potential fix would be to change setup_one_parameter in tree-inline.c to
> append each new VAR_DECL to the vars list instead of prepend them. There may
> however be a more elegant approach by modifying the dwarf engine to detect
> and re-order VAR_DECLs that relate to formal paramters and emit them in the
> correct order.
> If this would be best as a separate ticket then I will open one.

If a separate ticket would let us close this one, then yes, please open one.

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