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On Mon, Mar 12, 2018 at 10:16:19AM +0000, david.applegate at woodplc dot com
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> Thanks for the reply and the clarification.  
> I have two comments to make regarding this if I may...
> 1) Previous gfortran compilers were happy with the code.
>    I also tested g95 and Ifort (admittedly aged versions
>    of both).  Ifort also refused to compile the code while
>    g95 did compile the code (you may not care I guess).  It
>    is slightly irritating that gfortran is essentially not
>    backwards compatible with previous versions.  Maybe
>    gfortran should compile this code unless the users
>    specify one of the -std=f95/f2003/f2008 switches?

If we wrapped every bug fix in a -std option, the gfortran
source code would become unreadable.  

> 2) What about array declaration? Gfortran 7.3 is happy to
>    compile the following code, which presumably does not
>    conform to the standard you mention, while Ifort refuses
>    to compile this code:

It seems that you have found another bug.  It may one day
be fixed.

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