--- Comment #8 from Martin Liška <marxin at gcc dot> ---
(In reply to Martin Jambor from comment #7)
> Do I understand it correctly that you suspect that the new IPA-CP
> clone that is created from r256888 on is harmful?  In that case, you


> want to test that by trying higher values of ipa-cp-eval-threshold,
> something like --param ipa-cp-eval-threshold 610 (i.e. bigger than
> 606).  Of course, if there are other clones with evaluations between
> 500 and 610, it would affect them too.
> You may also want to try both fast and slow revisions with
> -fno-ipa-cp-clone as the first step, actually.

Btw. I can confirm that same clones is created on x86_64, but there's no speed
impact of the clone creation.

Is it also reproducible on ppc64{,le} ?

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