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--- Comment #3 from Richard Biener <rguenth at gcc dot> ---
You might want to file this against glibc in case they want to provide
intrinsic headers for libmvec supported functions.  Hopefully _mm256_atan2_ps
isn't in a header provided by GCC ... hmm, ICC seems to have it in immintrin.h:

/suse/matz/bin/2018.1/include/icc/immintrin.h:extern __m256  __ICL_INTRINCC
_mm256_atan2_ps(__m256, __m256);

and also:

/suse/matz/bin/2018.1/include/dvec.h:    friend F32vec8 atan2(const F32vec8 &a,
const F32vec8 &b) { return _mm256_atan2_ps(a, b); }

not sure if we have a way to provide the intrinsic in a reasonable way from
doing auto-dispatch to libmvec or alternatively open-coding elementwise?

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