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(In reply to Richard Biener from comment #3)
> What triggers this somehow (still didn't get to the "wrong" parts) is that we
> compute zero iterations for the conditional iteration of if _2 > 2.  That's
> of course wrong.  We do that via derive_simple_iv_with_niters computing
> {7, +, 7} with *niters == 0 which then is "merged" with the niters computed
> by niter analysis of _that_ "simplified" IV computing _also_ zero.  Which
> then results in an always true assumption.
> So while I can't pin-point the exact wrongness it looks to me that we
> cannot really take the number_of_iterations_cond niter result for
> granted as it was computed under an assumption we are going to compute
> with its result -- kind-of a catch 22.
> So it's tempting to special-case zero for *niter of simple_iv_with_niters
> but I'm not sure the same issue wouldn't reproduce with random other
> *niter?
> Bin?

Sorry for the breakage,  I will investigate this.

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