--- Comment #7 from Martin Liška <marxin at gcc dot> ---
(In reply to Richard Biener from comment #6)
> I think we want to merge the cgraph nodes but _not_ merge decls (thus not
> call lto_symtab_prevail_decl).  Iff that is supported somehow...?  Probably
> we expect the decl <-> cgraph node be a 1:1 relation, not a n:1 one.

In case of MPX, there's some weirdness. I don't want to be familiar with that.

> I think the issue you run into can happen generally, no?  Or we indeed do
> not reclaim the mpx stuff properly.

I guess it's MPX related.

> Anyhow, I guess you need to debug the specific ICE further or reduce the
> scope
> of "flags" you bail out for now to that of the error() case (noreturn).

I'll do that. In GCC 9 we can remove MPX and utilize flags_from_decl_or_type.

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