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/* Return true when function is only called directly or it has alias.
   i.e. it is not externally visible, address was not taken and
   it is not used in any other non-standard way.  */

inline bool 
cgraph_node::only_called_directly_or_aliased_p (void)
  gcc_assert (!global.inlined_to);
  return (!force_output && !address_taken
          && !used_from_other_partition
          && !DECL_VIRTUAL_P (decl)
          && !DECL_STATIC_CONSTRUCTOR (decl)
          && !DECL_STATIC_DESTRUCTOR (decl)
          && !used_from_object_file_p ()
          && !externally_visible);

should return false for IFUNC resolver, which is called indirectly.

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