Dominique d'Humieres <dominiq at lps dot> changed:

           What    |Removed                     |Added
           Keywords|                            |rejects-valid
      Known to work|                            |4.5.4
            Summary|Incorrect error diagnosed   |[6/7/8 Regression]
                   |for dummy argument used in  |Incorrect error diagnosed
                   |specification expression to |for dummy argument used in
                   |subprogram with ENTRY       |specification expression to
                   |                            |subprogram with ENTRY
      Known to fail|                            |4.6.4, 4.7.3, 4.8.5, 4.9.3,
                   |                            |5.5.0, 6.4.0, 7.3.0, 8.0.1

--- Comment #4 from Dominique d'Humieres <dominiq at lps dot> ---
> I found a server that had an older version of GCC, on which the test code
> compiled without error messages from the compiler:

It compiles also with 4.5.4, but not with 4.6.4.

The change occurred between revisions r162456 (2010-07-23, compiles) and
r1635293 (2010-08-24, error), r162486 (pr45030)?

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