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(In reply to Jan Hubicka from comment #5)
> Created attachment 43798 [details]
> proposed fix
> this patch simply while-lists some transitions of target flags for always
> inline functions. It is ugly but I can't think of anything else which would
> look safe.
> Martin, you mentioned there was packages broken by this. Perhaps we can try
> rebuild with this patch to see if all of the real world issues are solved?
> If not, i guess we will need to decide case-by-case what is safe and what
> not :(

I think that patch is quite reasonable, with a couple of small nits LGTM
put = on the next line in bool always_inline =
and perhaps add int safe_mask = always_inline ? always_inline_safe_mask : 0;
and use unconditionally
(caller_opts->x_target_flags & ~safe_mask)
!= (callee_opts->x_target_flags & ~safe_mask)

maybe use unsigned HOST_WIDE_INT instead of int for the masks, so when the
masks grow beyond 32 bits we don't suddenly misbehave (or add gcc_chec
king_assert that sizeof (callee_opts->x_target_flags) == sizeof

The xen case should just be fixed in xen IMHO.

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