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--- Comment #1 from Martin Sebor <msebor at gcc dot> ---
Confirmed.  A small standalone test case is below shwoing that an x86_64 GCC
issues the expected warning but the s360-linux one doesn't.

$ (set -x && cat pr85369.c && /ssd/build/gcc-git/gcc/xgcc -B
/ssd/build/gcc-git/gcc -O2 -S -Wall pr85369.c &&
/ssd/build/s390-linux/gcc-git/gcc/xgcc -B /ssd/build/s390-linux/gcc-git/gcc -O2
-S -Wall pr85369.c)
+ cat pr85369.c
char* g (char *d, __attribute__ ((nonstring)) const char *s)
  return __builtin_stpcpy (d, s);

+ /ssd/build/gcc-git/gcc/xgcc -B /ssd/build/gcc-git/gcc -O2 -S -Wall pr85369.c
pr85369.c: In function ‘g’:
pr85369.c:3:10: warning: ‘__builtin_stpcpy’ argument 2 declared attribute
‘nonstring’ [-Wstringop-overflow=]
   return __builtin_stpcpy (d, s);
pr85369.c:1:59: note: argument ‘s’ declared here
 char* g (char *d, __attribute__ ((nonstring)) const char *s)
+ /ssd/build/s390-linux/gcc-git/gcc/xgcc -B /ssd/build/s390-linux/gcc-git/gcc
-O2 -S -Wall pr85369.c

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