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Looking at the dump of an analogous test case for vec_insert:

#include <altivec.h>

typedef __vector unsigned int  uvec32_t  __attribute__((__aligned__(16)));

uvec32_t get_word(uvec32_t v)
  return({const unsigned _B1 = 32;
      vec_insert(10, (uvec32_t)v, 2);});

It seems that we do get an additional cleanup_point like you are proposing to
add for vec_extract, which is maybe why that does not get into trouble:

;; Function __vector(4) unsigned int get_word(__vector(4) unsigned int) (null)
;; enabled by -tree-original

  <<cleanup_point return <retval> = {
    const unsigned int _B1 = 32;

    <<cleanup_point     const unsigned int _B1 = 32;>>;
    <<cleanup_point *((unsigned int *) &TARGET_EXPR <D.3231, NON_LVALUE_EXPR
<v>> + 8) = 10;, D.3231>>;

I've gotten as far as seeing that something is calling
fold_build_cleanup_point_expr an additional time compared to the vec_extract

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