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--- Comment #1 from Andrey Belevantsev <abel at gcc dot> ---
We fail when trying to call cleanup_cfg.  The edge we're trying to redirect
looks like an indirect jump so I'm not sure why it's not a computed_jump_p

(gdb) p insn
$11 = (rtx_insn *) 0x7ffff673c240
(gdb) pr
warning: Expression is not an assignment (and might have no effect)
(jump_insn/j 93 92 86 13 (set (pc)
        (reg:SI 160)) 628 {*indirect_jumpsi}
     (expr_list:REG_DEAD (reg:SI 160)
 -> 17)
(gdb) p computed_jump_p (insn)
$12 = 0

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