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Author: hjl
Date: Mon Apr 16 18:44:43 2018
New Revision: 259411

i386: Use const reference of struct ix86_frame to avoid copy

We can use const reference of struct ix86_frame to avoid making a local
copy of ix86_frame.  ix86_expand_epilogue makes a local copy of struct
ix86_frame and uses the reg_save_offset field as a local variable.  This
patch uses a separate local variable for reg_save_offset.

Tested on x86-64 with ada.

        Backport from mainline
        PR target/83905
        * config/i386/i386.c (ix86_expand_prologue): Use cost reference
        of struct ix86_frame.
        (ix86_expand_epilogue): Likewise.  Add a local variable for
        the reg_save_offset field in struct ix86_frame.


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