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Got it, it's really happening. Funny how that happens.
It's related to a known issue with -fprofile-generate=directory. All *.gcda
files are placed directly in the directory, object files subfolder location is
ignored. I have a patch draft here:

I'll finish it for GCC 9.1.

So when ./bash is invoked, it does a fork. When doing a fork, we flush counters
and mark that runs count has been already saved. Then a child runs, and it
writes alias.gcda for a different TU:

marxin@marxinbox:/tmp/bash-4.4.18> find . -name alias.o

And when parent process terminates it attempts to open alias.gcda and realizes
it's from a different TU. Thus it's rewritten, but with runs=1 because it was
already streamed. Then we see the fishy gcda file.

Nice example, thanks for providing a KVM image.

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