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(In reply to Andrew Pinski from comment #22)
> the semantics of TRUTH_ANDIF_EXPR is always to short circuit.
> If you want a non short circuit you need to use TRUTH_AND_EXPR

I haven't looked at the actual code yet, but pr57160 comment 1 sounds like we
already use TRUTH_AND_EXPR:

> GCC (the middle end) has TRUTH_AND_EXPR (matching Fortran's .AND.) and
> TRUTH_ANDIF_EXPR (matching C's &&) - besides the IAND/& which is
> Currently, the code generation directly translates all .AND. into

If that's indeed the case, and TRUTH_AND_EXPR actually results in
short-circuiting, then I'm not sure I understand the difference to

Probably BIT_AND_EXPR can be used to fully prevent short-circuiting?

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