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OH!  I thought you meant here.  I wasn't sure this was the same bug internally.
 They have different results in the two different versions of GNAT.  The
AdaCore GNAT Community put out a crash report while the FSF GNAT only returned
quietly with no compilation results.  If they acted exactly the same, I would
have only reported to AdaCore as I am guessing AdaCore's fixes would eventually
end up here (this is only a guess on my part though).  However, since it acted
differently in FSF GNAT I didn't know if AdaCore fixed it in GNAT Community if
it would fix the same issue or if this happend to be a different bug triggered
by the same code.  I've seen multiple times in the past where a bug was fixed
in a earlier version of GNAT GPL/Community but not in a later version of FSF
GNAT, which probably means they weren't actually the same bug internally.  Also
there is no guarantee they'll even look at my report as it was for the
community edition (this is not a knock against them, they have their own
priorities that they must manage first).  I was just trying to be nice to help
them find bugs as well.  I wasn't meaning to cause trouble, just help
contribute to making GNAT the best it can be in all versions.  

Keep in mind it is difficult on my end to know what is going on internally.  I
don't always receive responses from AdaCore when I submit bugs (again, I'm not
expecting them to when they have bigger priorities).  When they have responded,
they have not indicated they will push those fixes to FSF GNAT (I am guessing
that they do eventually, but it is only a guess on my part) and it isn't fair
for me to probe them further.  I have no clue on my end if I am duplicating the
triage work or not, especially in the case where the bug acts different in
different versions.  

So my apologies on the trouble.  I was not intending to cause any.  I hope you
will forgive me.

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