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--- Comment #2 from Eric Botcazou <ebotcazou at gcc dot> ---
(> I think the only in-tree language eventually specifying behavior for stuff
> like above is Ada - so, any comments / attempts for testcases where we do
> not follow language specified behavior?

I don't think that the language fully does it, it's quite borderline.

But something changed in DSE yesterday, the following procedure compiled with
-gnatp -O used to print "SEGV Handler" and now it runs quietly.

with Ada.Text_IO;

procedure p is

   procedure leaf is
      type Int_Ptr is access all Integer;
      function n return Int_Ptr is
      begin return null; end;

      Data : Int_Ptr := n;
      Data.all := 0;

   when others =>
      Ada.Text_IO.Put_Line ("SEGV Handler");

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