Dear Scholar/Processor,
We publish open access, peer-reviewed journals which devoted to promoting
the development of science and technology. Now we sincerely invite scholars
and researchers to submit papers to the journals or to join us as one of
the editorial board members/reviewers.
Invitation of Being the Member of the Editorial Board/Reviewer
To expand the editorial board and reviewer team, we would like to invite
you to be our editorial member or reviewer of our journals with great
sincerity. If you are eager for more information about the Benefits and
Responsibilities of the editorial member or a reviewer, please feel free to
visit the following link:
Invitation to Submit Your Manuscript
As an international academic publisher, we have more than 200 open access,
online, peer-reviewed journals. If you have burst out some new ideas in
your specialized or interested field, welcome to submit your papers to the
related Journals or Special Issues so that you can share your ideas with
people all over the world.
List of Suggested Journals

   1. Nanoscience and Nanometrology
   2. Humanities and Social Sciences
   3. American Journal of Neural Networks and Applications
   4. Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries
   5. American Journal of Nursing Science
   6. Hydrology
   7. American Journal of Software Engineering and Applications
   8. Science Journal of Business and Management

We are looking forward to a fruitful cooperation with you.
Thanks and regards,
Jessie Wright

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