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           What    |Removed                     |Added
           Keywords|                            |diagnostic
            Summary|intent                      |uncaught programmer error:
                   |                            |polymorphic variable is
                   |                            |INTENT(IN) but assigned to
                   |                            |without error

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program demo_setval
   call setval(value)
   subroutine setval(value)
      class(*),intent(in)          :: value
      select type(value)
       type is (integer);          value=10
       type is (real);             value=10.20
      end select
   end subroutine setval
end program demo_setval
! expect to get something like
!    Error: Dummy argument 'value' with INTENT(IN) in variable definition
context (assignment) at (1)
! but do not even though VALUE is INTENT(IN) and changed the value

There is a programmer error in the example program. The variable VALUE has been
declared to be INTENT(IN) but the routine assigns a value to the variable. This
should be caught at compile time.

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