--- Comment #10 from Richard Earnshaw <rearnsha at gcc dot> ---
(In reply to Andrew Roberts from comment #9)
> For completeness I've also built gcc 8.3.0 with in tree gmp 6.1.2 using the
> newly built 9.1.0. And then in turn used this gcc 8.3.0 to rebuild gcc 9.1.0
> with in tree gmp.
> So the host gcc 8.3.0 doesn't work building gcc with in tree gmp.
> But all the versions I have built (9.1.0 and 8.3.0) build this correctly.

So if I've understood all this correctly, this is happening when assembling a
file written in assembly, rather than one generated by GCC itself.

The most likely source of the problem here is that your system compiler is
trying to set the CPU for the assembler to use on the command line, but that
CPU is then older than the one the file is expecting (MLS was new in ARMv7
(strictly, ARMv6t2, but that's probably not relevant to the pi)).

So can you run the command with -v and show what options are being passed to
the assembler?

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