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commit r8-9938-g67cceb6c538b7a10cd5cf5693bce7fc7a646581d
Author: Joseph Myers <>
Date:   Wed Jan 15 22:33:04 2020 +0000

    Fix setting of DECL_CONTEXT in pushdecl (PR c/93072).

    Bug 93072 is a case where the C front end (a) wrongly interprets an
    inline declaration at block scope as indicating that DECL_CONTEXT
    should be set for an inline function and (b) this results in an ICE.
    This is a regression resulting from a previous fix of mine for other
    bugs involving such declarations being wrongly interpreted elsewhere
    as nested function declarations.  The fix is similar to the previous
    fix: use TREE_PUBLIC instead of DECL_EXTERNAL in another place as the
    relevant test to determine whether to set DECL_CONTEXT.  (When a
    variable reaches the code in question in pushdecl, the two are

    Bootstrapped with no regressions for x86_64-pc-linux-gnu.

        PR c/93072
        * c-decl.c (pushdecl): Use TREE_PUBLIC, not DECL_EXTERNAL, to
        determine whether to set DECL_CONTEXT.

        * gcc.dg/inline-42.c, gcc.dg/inline-43.c: New tests.

    (cherry picked from commit e2346a33b05871fc065815d4cfd531dfa0195507)

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