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            Summary|Combine duplicates count    |[9/10 regression] Combine
                   |trailing zero instructions  |duplicates instructions

--- Comment #8 from Wilco <wilco at gcc dot> ---
Here is a much simpler example:

void f (int *p, int y)
  int a = y & 14;
  *p = a | p[a];

Trunk and GCC9.1 for x64:
        mov     eax, esi
        and     esi, 14
        and     eax, 14
        or      eax, DWORD PTR [rdi+rsi*4]
        mov     DWORD PTR [rdi], eax

and AArch64:
        and     x2, x1, 14
        and     w1, w1, 14
        ldr     w2, [x0, x2, lsl 2]
        orr     w1, w2, w1
        str     w1, [x0]

However GCC8.2 does:
        and     w1, w1, 14
        ldr     w2, [x0, w1, sxtw 2]
        orr     w2, w2, w1
        str     w2, [x0]

So it is a 9 regression...

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