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The releases/gcc-9 branch has been updated by Richard Guenther

commit r9-8234-g03d2b1d79740c5b2d05bbf84af2dbaf2e1e80ebb
Author: Richard Biener <>
Date:   Fri Feb 14 09:23:06 2020 +0100

    tree-optimization/93439 move clique bookkeeping to OMP expansion

    Autopar was doing clique bookkeeping too early when creating destination
    functions but then later introducing new cliques via versioning loops.
    The following moves the bookkeeping to the actual outlining process.

    2020-02-14  Richard Biener  <>

        Backport from mainline
        2020-01-28  Richard Biener  <>

        PR tree-optimization/93439
        * tree-parloops.c (create_loop_fn): Move clique bookkeeping...
        * tree-cfg.c (move_sese_region_to_fn): ... here.
        (verify_types_in_gimple_reference): Verify used cliques are

        * gfortran.dg/graphite/pr93439.f90: New testcase.

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