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Perhaps related to PR92357?
I'm stuck there, tried
2020-02-07  Jakub Jelinek  <>

        PR ipa/92357
        * symtab.c (symtab_node::get_partitioning_class): Don't return
        SYMBOL_DUPLICATE for DECL_ONE_ONLY symbols if lto_stream_offload_p.

--- gcc/symtab.c.jj     2020-01-15 11:05:19.589136168 +0100
+++ gcc/symtab.c        2020-02-07 19:57:55.625108414 +0100
@@ -2003,6 +2003,7 @@ symtab_node::get_partitioning_class (voi
   if (DECL_ONE_ONLY (decl)
       && !force_output
       && !forced_by_abi
+      && !lto_stream_offload_p
       && !used_from_object_file_p ())

but it didn't work out.  I'm afraid we need to actually implement properly the
OpenMP 5.0 automatic omp declare target discovery and before IPA run perhaps
another iteration of that and make sure that if we offload something, we either
offload everything it refers to too (unless DECL_EXTERNAL), or diagnose it.

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