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Hi all!

My first comment is not very clear so to elaborate a bit.

For assumed-rank arrays no temporary array descriptor with the correct bounds
is created like it is for assumed-shape arrays.

So although the array bounds are correctly reported by the lbound, ubound and
shape intrinsics the underlying array descriptor is still the original one.

And since it is the original array descriptor, not a temporary with correct
array bounds, that is passed down the call chain subsequent procedures will get
a descriptor with the wrong bounds.

This will probably imply adding assumed-rank arrays to the deferred
initialization list, which is already done (I guess accidentally) for bind(c)

I guess by removing the condition on the first if clause in
gfc_build_dummy_array_decl and, hopefully, then in the "type_of_array" switch
in gfc_trans_deferred_vars. This will imply also solving PR93957.

Best regards,
José Rui

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