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   Last reconfirmed|                            |2020-05-22
             Target|                            |x86_64-*-* i?86-*-*
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           Keywords|                            |missed-optimization

--- Comment #1 from Richard Biener <rguenth at gcc dot> ---
Confirmed.  We expand from

x7b00 (u64 x, u8 b)
  struct mr D.2257;

  <bb 2> [local count: 1073741824]:
  MEM <char[6]> [(struct mr *)&D.2257 + 2B] = {};
  D.2257.u.i.a = 7;
  D.2257.u.i.b = b_4(D);
  D.2257.x = x_6(D);
  return D.2257;

it might be the zeroing intoduces the SSE usage, with -mno-sse we're not
really better though:

        xorl    %eax, %eax
        movq    %rdi, %rdx
        movl    $6, %ecx
        leaq    -24(%rsp), %rdi
        rep stosb
        movq    %rsi, %rcx
        movabsq $281474976710655, %rax
        andq    -24(%rsp), %rax
        salq    $16, %rax
        movb    $7, %al
        movb    %cl, %ah

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