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OpenMP 5 lists under changes:

"The collapse of associated loops that are imperfectly nested loops was defined
for the worksharing-loop (see Section 2.9.2 on page 10), simd (see Section on page 110), taskloop (see Section 2.10.2 on page 140) and distribute
(see Section on page 123) constructs."


Both C and Fortran example compile with PGI, PGI does set the variable to

The Intel compiler rejects C + Fortran code, Clang rejects the C example.

– OpenMP 4.5:
  * gfortran has accept-invalid+diagnostic bug
- OpenMP 5:
  * gfortran needs to diagnose 'order(concurrent)'
    (once the 'order' clause is implemented)
  * gcc/g++/gfortran needs to handle intervening code in the other cases.
- OpenACC: need to reject the code.

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