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commit r11-2841-g660b5c10dc04988b02a2c3f6baed013340af3ef8
Author: Richard Biener <>
Date:   Tue Aug 25 10:59:24 2020 +0200

    tree-optimization/96548 - fix failure to recompute RPO after CFG change

    This recomputes RPO after store-motion changes the CFG.

    2020-08-25  Richard Biener  <>

            PR tree-optimization/96548
            PR tree-optimization/96760
            * tree-ssa-loop-im.c (tree_ssa_lim): Recompute RPO after

            * gcc.dg/torture/pr96548.c: New testcase.
            * gcc.dg/torture/pr96760.c: Likewise.

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