> Yes.  This means it's easy to experiment with other values than zero.  
> Basically
> early inlining is supposed to remove abstraction penalty to
>  a) reduce FDO instrumentation overhead
>  b) get more realistic size estimates for the inliner
> a) was particularly important back in time for tramp3d, reducing
> profiling runtime
> 1000-fold.  b) is generally important.
> PARAM_EARLY_INLINING_INSNS is supposed to be a reasonable value to
> get abstraction removed but IIRC we increased it quite a bit to also get more
> early optimization (to get more accurate inliner estimates).
> What I am saying is that reducing PARAM_EARLY_INLINING_INSNS makes
> sense for FDO but reducing it to zero is probably a bit much.
> Can you do your measurements with values between zero and the current
> default of 14 (wow, 14 ... didn't know it's _that_ high currently ;)).
> What's the
> value that crosses the boundary of diminishing returns regarding to code-size
> improvements for you?
> Richard.

I see. This procedure may take some time since profile data can not be reused.

Yuan, Pengfei

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