On Fri, Sep 16, 2016 at 03:51:11PM -0400, Jason Merrill wrote:
> On Mon, Sep 5, 2016 at 1:11 PM, Jakub Jelinek <ja...@redhat.com> wrote:
> > +  /* If body is a statement other than STATEMENT_LIST or BIND_EXPR,
> > +     it should be skipped.  E.g. switch (a) b = a;  */
> > +  if (TREE_CODE (body) == STATEMENT_LIST
> > +      || TREE_CODE (body) == BIND_EXPR)
> I'm nervous about this optimization for useless code breaking other
> things that might (one day) wrap a case label; I think I'd prefer to
> drop the condition.

By droping the condition you mean unconditionally call
  cxx_eval_constant_expression (ctx, body, false,
                                non_constant_p, overflow_p, jump_target);
?  That is known not to work, that breaks the
+constexpr int
+bar (int x)
+  int a = x;
+  switch (x)
+    a = x + 1;
+  return a;
handling in the testcase, where body is the MODIFY_EXPR which doesn't have
the label and thus needs to be skipped.  The problem is that all the logic for
skipping statements until the label is found is in cxx_eval_statement_list
only.  For STATEMENT_LIST that is called by cxx_eval_constant_expression,
for BIND_EXPR if we are lucky enough that BIND_EXPR_BODY is a STATEMENT_LIST
too (otherwise I assume even my patch doesn't fix it, it would need to
verify that).  If body is some other statement, then it really should be
skipped, but it isn't, because cxx_eval_constant_expression ignores it.

I wonder if we e.g. cxx_eval_constant_expression couldn't early in the
function for if (*jump_target) return immediately unless code is something
or perhaps in the future other construct containing other stmts.
I've beeing thinking about TRY block, but at least on the testcases I've
tried it has been rejected in constexpr functions, I think one can't branch
into statement expressions, so that should be fine, OpenMP/OpenACC
constructs are hopefully also rejected in constexpr, what else?


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