On 09/16/2016 11:12 PM, David Malcolm wrote:
There are some interrelated questions here:
(a) where do the dumps live? (string fragments embedded in the source
file vs external files)
(b) -fself-test vs DejaGnu tests that use a real frontend.  In the
latter case, is the frontend "rtl1", or an extension of "cc1" with an
"__RTL" marker?

I think a rtl1 frontend that gets run from a specific subdirectory in testsuite/ is probably the best option.

For (a), I'd like to do support both (in that it's clear we need
support for external files, but it seems trivial to support embedding).

If we're dealing with small snippets, I'm not sure embedding them as strings is really that much better than building them up with gen_ functions. I'm sure there's room for rtl selftests living inside the compiler like that, but anything larger probably ought to live outside.


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