Hi Jeff,

On Wed, Sep 14, 2016 at 01:33:04PM -0600, Jeff Law wrote:
> On 09/14/2016 01:03 PM, Segher Boessenkool wrote:
> >>If you think about it, conceptually we want the return insn to make the
> >>callee saved registers "used" so that DCE, regrename and friends don't
> >>muck with them.  The fact that we don't is as much never having to care
> >>all that much until recently.
> >
> >(There is no return insn at those exits; these are exits *without*
> >successor block, not the exit block).
> Ugh.  Anywhere we could attach this stuff in the insn chain?  If not, 
> the DF side of this problem gets uglier.

> >>I continue to wonder if we could add something similar to
> >>CALL_INSN_FUNCTION_USAGE where we attach uses for all the call-saved
> >>registers onto a return insn.  We would attach them at the end of
> >>prologue/epilogue generation and only attach those where were live
> >>somewhere in the code.
> >
> >Maybe adding the new insns to the {pro,epi}logue_insn_hash will help
> >something.  Or maybe it will blow up spectacularly.  Will know in a
> >bit.
> I think that'll resolve the sel-sched issue, but I doubt the rest.

Adding all the separately shrink-wrapped *logues to the hashes does not
help at all.

Trying to fix DF did not work either.

> >>I pondered just doing it for the separately wrapped components on that
> >>particular path, but I've yet to convince myself that's actually correct.
> >
> >If that is not correct, how is the status quo correct?  That is what
> >puzzles me above, too.
> I couldn't convince myself that we could trivially find all the 
> separately wrapped components on a particular path -- ie, we may have 
> had components saved/restored in some sub-graph.  If an exit point from 
> the function is reachable from that sub-graph, then we need to make sure 
> any components from the subgraph are marked as live in addition to those 
> which are restored on the exit path.
> While it is just a reachability problem, I don't think we need to solve 
> it if we mark anything that was separately shrink wrapped as live at all 
> the exit points.

If I mark every block with no successors as needing all components, various
patches are no longer needed.  It also should not hurt performance much
(with the possible exception of sibling calls, which can be executed often;
still have to do performance runs).

The dce and cprop patches and the first regrename patch are still needed.
Those three are simple and obviously correct patches though.

I'll walk through all your comments again, updating the patches.  Will
send a v3 soon.

Thanks for all the reviews and helpful comments,


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