On 19/09/16 21:56 +0200, François Dumont wrote:

Following our conversation here is a much simpler patch. I just consider that all debug containers will have the same alignment.

Even if I submit this patch as a whole I will commit into pieces, at least one for the pure cleanup parts and one for the debug.cc change.

   Among those changes there is:
-       __gnu_cxx::__scoped_lock(this->_M_get_mutex());
+       __gnu_cxx::__scoped_lock __l(this->_M_get_mutex());

I would appreciate if you could tell me what was happening with the initial expression. I don't understand why it is compiling. I even tried the same in debug.cc and started having compilation errors.

It creates a temporary __scoped_lock, which immediately goes out of
scope and unlocks the mutex again. This should be fixed on the gcc-5
and gcc-6 branches too.

I'll review the rest of the patch today.

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